Founded in 1996, Boyi is a leading company that integrates product R&D, supply chain management, production and processing, and customer service in the national industry of special fabric subdivisions. It has long-term cooperation with over 200 well-known brands at home and abroad. With professional and perfect full customer service, a continuous and stable capacity for production and research innovation, and a pragmatic production management concept, Boyi has earned long-term recognition and support from the brand's customers. It is a highly competitive and innovative manufacturer of footwear and clothing brands.

Currently, Boyi Textile is primarily engaged in the research and development of special fabrics, the supply of footwear and clothing fabrics, international trade in textile, and the development of slip-resistant soles. It has set up an organisational structure incorporating industry and trade, invested in a self-built weaving base, dyeing and finishing factory, and testing centre, and built a closed loop of business ecology. Taking footwear fabric as its current main product, Boyi is deeply committed to the production and development of innovative fabrics such as recycled fabric, functional fabric, and protective fabric. At the same time as accelerating the process of technological integration, we will expand the business scope to the upstream and downstream links of the supply chain, control the whole process of fabric production and weaving, and continue to provide the brand with more innovative and productive fabric products.
professional R & D team
New patented technology
global brand customers

Integrated production, traceable throughout the process
The whole production can be traced, and the integrated production chain is more cost-effective.
Boyi built its own R & D center, weaving base and dyeing and finishing factory to set up a traceable closed-loop of integrated production. While accurately controlling the fabric production process, the prooduction chain improves the efficiency of order production and business process. The ideas and suggestions from brand customers, technical departments and production workshops can quickly get feedback and processed, providing a powerful boost for your product production and iteration plan.
Digital smart advanced factory,Flat management and efficient operation.

With a strong production chain to match, rich production management experience, and an open and active operation concept accumulated in the late 30 years since the establishment of Boyi. It enables the company to keep up with the development of science and technology, and to be always at the forefront of the industry with its productivity and competitiveness. The game connects production units with digital systems and adopts the flat architecture of Internet companies to provide efficient and perfect services for you.
Diversified global team,Integration of global superior resources.
Across many industries, bring together senior technical experts.

Diversified global team
High level service
Boyi brought together a diverse team from all over the world, in Asia, Europe, America, and other areas. From young, active young talents to experienced industry experts, the powerful global, diversified team in Boyi provides a highly regarded service for more than 200 customers worldwide. It will also enable us to intergrate the regional quality of global resources for the innovative solutions.
Boyi's executive and leadership team have many years of experience in textile weaving, product design, brand marketing, etc. Fashion and sports, these two crossover product lines give us a different perspective on design and innovation. Boyi's technical team is one of the top support to many well-known brands to iterate and update their products. We are always willing to listen to your extraordinary ideas and product concepts and provide you with feasible innovative technology solutions.
Innovation-driven efficient production and research
In Boyi, innovation is not only a department, but also the basic attitude of industry and research. We are committed to providing customers with practical innovative solutions, from raw materials, fabric structure, environmental planning, style design, mass production and other aspects of the start, to bring about product quality improvement and change. Depending on the experience of serving well-known brand customers all over the world and decades of production and research, we have summed up a set of driving logic of enterprise growth with innovation as the core, and evolved it into an innovative product matrix such as Super-weave?? and Jullex?.
The efficient and innovative production and research mode drives Boyi to continue independent fabric solutions development. Up to now, we have more than 5,000 fabrics. We classify them according to their attributes, and summarize them into electronic products library. You may instantly verify that this is Boyi's "Fabric Library" by logging into our product center. Every month, new fabric styles will be added to the electronic library.
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Sustainable environment protection, Help to achieve carbon neutrality
Inclusive mindsets, changing lifestyles, and the ongoing global warming herald a growing demand for new fabrics that are beneficial to the body and mind, climate-resilient and environmentally friendly. Boyi vigorously promotes the research and development of all kinds of environmental-friendly materials, provides a wide variety of cutting-edge eco-friendly textiles, and supports the firm's carbon neutral strategy.
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